Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Engineering, Motion Graphics
Demo Reel
Motion Graphics
Virtual Sets
Graphic Design, Architecture
Henkel AR iOS (Alteras)
3D Modeling, AR/VR, Modeling
SLOPES 23 Media Conference
Graphic Design
Extended Reality Group
L'Oréal VR Gala (ERG)
E-Sports Launch
Motion Graphics
Ford Fusion Features
3D Animation, Photorealism
Macro Machines Omnimod
Programming, Industrial Design
Cooper FX Outward Pedal
Folktek Alter 1 / 2 DSP programming
Folktek Mescaline DSP Programming
Delphi 3D Projection
Motion Graphics, Projection Mapping
Lennox Las Vegas
Motion Graphics, Projection Mapping
Tony Awards Countdown Clock
Programming, Set Design
Mustang Mach E Luanch
Motion Graphics
Sesame Street Bubble Bus
Animation, Visual Effects
Sesame Street Shorts
Animation, Sound Design, Music Composition
PBS kids Hooper
Animation, Computer Animation
Kid Zero Promo
Motion Graphics, Character Design
The Coil : Indecent Machines
Art Direction, Motion Graphics
Declassified Encounters
Motion Graphics, Art Direction
Traktor Pro Tutorials
Motion Graphics, Branding, Animation
SECU Interactive Installation
Animation, Interactive
Audulus 3 iOS Logo Animation
Motion Graphics, Programming
Digital Imaging
Shop Click Drive
Motion Graphics, Advertising, Computer Animation
MTV Motion
Animation, Computer Animation, Motion Graphics
Twisted Tools promos
Motion Graphics, Editing
Richard Devine Promos
Motion Graphics
Detroit Underground Promos
Motion Graphics
FM8 and Massive Tutorials
Advertising, Animation, Motion Graphics
Beats Antique "Cat Skills" VFX
Visual Effects
Realtime Optical Flow Experiments
Computer Animation, Motion Graphics, Programming
MOCA: Art in the 20ith Century
Computer Animation, Digital Art, Programming
Boomerang Speaker Show Package
Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Boomerang Channel Valentines Day
Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Lookeando Show Package
Motion Graphics
Santa Fe Coyote Cafe
Animation, Graphic Design, Interior Design
Vossen Wheels
Advertising, Computer Animation, Motion Graphics
Mindelixir Doomsday Ticket Video
Animation, Video Arts
ABCteach.com promotion and demonstration videos
Animation, Motion Graphics
New World Symphony Installation
Computer Animation, Music, Programming
Experimental Audio Visuals
Computer Animation, Motion Graphics, Programming