Hard Rock Guitar Hotel Audio Reactive Façade
Debut Event featuring Paul McCartney
Hollywood, FL ---- 2/18/2022

In collaboration with DCL Boston, I was commissioned to program a custom Touch Designer audio-reactive lighting system with a touch screen controller for the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel building façade to light up in different patterns to the music in real-time.

It was a fairly substantial undertaking, involving an interesting combination of R&D in finding aesthetics that worked well on the unique building design, as well as Audio Reactivity methods that could work well with any type of music that would be played, ranging from Rock to R&B, Pop, Reggae and modern Electronic Dance music, among other genres.

The system communicates with Isaac scheduler to allow switching and playback of the preset banks of looks created by the marketing team, as well as a live performance by a VJ or DJ triggering different looks and adjusting settings in real-time with a specialized touch screen hardware system.

DCL Creative Director - Jeff Grantz
DCL Project Manager / Technical Coordinator - Tom Saylor
Designer / Programmer / Creative Technologist - Nicholas C. Raftis III